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If you are interested in increasing waste diversion (and possibly saving money on your trash bill), PSDS would be pleased to perform a FREE, no-obligation consultation on waste practices and waste diversion. We fully understand the factors that must be considered when adding residential bin services, including such things as:

• City code requirements for enclosures
• Maintaining convenience for residents and businesses
• Avoiding contamination in recycling bins
• Eliminating loose litter caused by overflowing containers

Recyclable Items
Metal: Steel and Aluminum Cans; Food, Beverage and Aerosol Cans; Clean Metal Pie Plates, Dinner Trays and Foil
Bulk Mail
Computer Paper
Egg Cartons (paper)
Food Boxes
Gift Wrap

Junk Mail
Mixed Paper
Office Paper
Paper Towel Tubes
Phone Books
Toilet Paper Tubes

Glass: Bottles and Jars (green, brown or clear)
Plastic: Bottles, Jugs, Beverage Containers and Plastic Shopping Bags
These are Not Recyclable
Animal Waste
Bubble Wrap
Food Waste
Garden Hose
Light Bulbs
Mirror Glass
Motor Oil
Nursery Pots
Padded Envelopes
Paper Towels
Plastic Wrap
Window Glass
PLEASE NOTE: Bins containing these or other contaminants may be left uncollected. A service charge will added if the responsible party requests a pick-up regardless of the contamination.

 Download Commercial Bin Recycling Brochure

Commercial Recycling

Recycling is now easier than ever.

The blue 3-cubic yard bin is the place for ALL of your recyclables. There's no need to separate paper from plastic, glass, or metal. That is, your recyclables can be "commingled." Place everything recyclable into the blue bin.

The Recycling Process

  1. Your commingled recyclables with collected with clean-burning, CNG-powered vehicles.
  2. The recyclables are transferred to a Materials Recovery Facility where they are separated by commodity.
  3. The commodities are shipped off to be processed into new products.

What are the Recycling Requirements for Businesses and Multi-Family Residential Dwellings?

Assembly Bill No. 341 (AB341) requires a "business… that generates more than 4 cubic yards of commercial solid waste per week or is a multi-family residential dwelling of 5 units or more, to arrange for recycling services" A standard dumpster is 3 cubic yards, so if it's emptied more than once per week, this new law applies to your business.

It's important to emphasize that multi-family complexes of 5 or more units MUST recycle. Furthermore, tenants are required to recycle if the owner of the business or multi-family housing complex has asked its tenants to do so.

Contact us to begin your commercial recycling services.

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